We Meet Again: Frank “The Expert In Residence” Radice vs. Lloyd “The Toxic Avenger” Kaufman

Friday, February 25, 2011 by Frank Radice

Date: 7 April 2011
Subject: MI-6
Location: NOT LONDON!!!!
MI-6 is NOT the British Secret Service…it’s the name of the PROMAX/BDA Game Marketing convention in San Francisco.
That’s right, Gamers need marketing too!
And I will be there representing Definition 6 in my role as Grand Inquisitor, interviewing Lloyd Kaufman, President, CEO, Director and Producer of TROMA Entertainment, America’s longest running independent film production company.
Frank Radice interviews Lloyd Kaufman at MI 6
You may remember such films as “The Toxic Avenger (1-4),” “The Class of Nuke’em High,” and “Sgt. Kabuki-man, NYPD” (and if you don’t, you should) Well..Lloyd made them all and more.
This guy is an institution (and he’s hilarious) and he has a lot to say about the business, marketing, movie-making and on the serious side…Net Neutrality!
Joining us will be Def 6’s own Jon Accarrino, reprising his role as the Social Media DJ, brining to life everything Lloyd and I talk about on stage.
It should be a great time in history.  Hope you can make it there.