When is a promo not a promo?

When is a promo not a promo?

When it’s content, stupid!


On-air promo people, the writers, producers, editors, sound, designers,

That Team, know how to tell a story in a compelling way, in the

shortest period of time on screen (and usually literally “in the shortest period of time.”)


A good 10, 15, 20,  30 or 60 second spot succeeds if it makes the audience want to

Watch more or do something (like change the channel, or think.)


Take away the tune in info and what you have (if it’s done right) is a

cool little piece of content.


It probably looks great, sounds powerful, and tells a story.


Aren’t those the things that content consumers crave?  (that and cats.)


So what passes for creative interstitials and promos on one platform can become content on another (with a little help.)


I’m not suggesting we just put promos on the stream, but I am saying, let promo people help you create that short form content better.


Right now there are awards for promos at the Emmy’s, and for decades, Promax-BDA has celebrated the jewels of television, the promos.


Soon they (the congratulation factories) will have to recognize short form content creation, beyond the 60-second spot,

as the perfect storm…when marketing and programming truly collide…before our very eyes.


It’s more than native, it’s more than integrated.


So I say, let the promo people help.  They can make it better.


And by the way, people are lining up already to watch promos.


Just look at the new Star Wars trailer.



Now that’s some good content!


I’m just saying!