A Thought From Here: How ON-AIR Pro Helps Promo Departments


About 10 years ago, I walked into Promax and saw the booth for ON-AIR Pro™. These young folks were in there demonstrating their incredible workflow system.

The first thing that caught my attention was the opportunity to put cut promos onto a digital platform, have people look at those promos, and give approvals. You could run an approval process online, which for us at NBC at that time was a big need.

We were spending millions of dollars in satellite, transmitting spots from coast to coast for approval, and there was an opportunity to put the burgeoning, young internet to good use.

I thought that was a really good reason to buy into ON-AIR Pro™ to begin with, but after doing a little more research, I came to find that this workflow system was going to make life a lot easier for us in the promotion business.

Why ON-AIR Pro Is Great For Promo Departments

If you do on-air promotion, then you should get a demo of ON-AIR Pro™. It simply integrates everything that you could possibly need in a promotion department — from the time you get an assignment to the time that:

  • the script is written
  • spots are cut
  • spots are viewed in ON-AIR Pro™ for approval and notes
  • spots go back to the producers
  • editors make the revisions
  • the promos are scheduled through your traffic computers.

All of the paperwork involved in cutting a promo is done for you. In a real-world scenario, you need to know the length of the cuts you use in order to pay your music license and your voice-over guys. You need to know how many versions they did, what their rates are, whether you are doing a commercial, a pro-mercial, a presentation, an online spot, a spot for air, or a spot for cable — all of which have different fee structures for voice-overs. The music information needs to be sent to the licensing organization, such as ASCAP or BMI, and the voice-over forms to AFTRA. All of this is done within the ON-AIR Pro™ system. It is a one-stop shop for everything promos.

How ON-AIR Pro Helps Promo Departments Share on X

If you are a promotion department, you need to know about ON-AIR Pro™. You need to see what it does. I guarantee that if you can get this system into your department and get your people to work with it, you will find that it will make the job easier, save you money, and save you time. ON-AIR Pro™ is one great product!

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