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Commercial and promo pre-rolls on digital video channels are a fact of life — and so is the skipbutton. That’s an opportunity!

Tell your story in the first five seconds.

If you do that right a couple things should happen:

• The viewer gets the message, retains it, and transacts on it at the appropriate time (e.g. watches a show, expresses further interest, or buys a product because of the commercial/promo/reminder) in “The First :05″

• The viewer stays for the remaining 10 seconds in a :15 pod because they have been enticed (which should translate to a transaction as well ) by “The First :05”

I’m sure there is more, but that’s for the conversation!

A lot has to get done in “The First :05″

• For a show promo, it could be title, time, day/date, video

• For a product, it could be a name with images, a promise, and a way to follow up

That’s a simple way to approach it, but it’s certainly not subtle.

It must be creative. It must get you into the tent.

Ad Age wrote that ABC, working with Google, found another not so subtle way to use that short real estate: Anthony Anderson directly appeals to the viewer not to skip the rest of the promo.

The most important thing is, it must be creative. It must get you into the tent.

Here is one I always wanted to do, but only the ASPCA could pull it off without …well, you will see:

And here is one that YouTube surely won’t forget:

Now is the time to move quickly and perfect “The First :05” technique. Not just because its free (for now) but because, as marketers, we always need to be ready to move quickly when an opportunity comes up! And right now, it’s YouTube.

All you have to do is look at the popular YouTube channels, see the volume of engagement, and you’ll see that’s “fishing where the fish are!”

This clearly means that one new way we need to look at how online promos and commercials are made… is in “The First :05.”



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