The Evolution Of “Voice” Of Brand


By definition, “voice of brand” means that the personality of your brand is determined by the words you use to describe it, and the impression those words leave on the customer.

But now there is another definition. 

“Voice of brand” is also the sound of your brand and the emotion the sound has on the listener.

And that’s in no small part due to the penetration of smart speaker devices (or artificially intelligent audio assistants) which are becoming so prevalent as to be changing the dynamic of brand impression.

But “Voice of Brand” is too limiting a concept. The reality will be that “Voices of Brand” will become the norm.

AI voice will include everything from sex to accent to inflection and regionality, and it will deliver your brand message with a decidedly targeted sound.

Computer human interface will determine how you hear about everything your brand engages with, from buying, to selling, and customer service. And “voice” is being heard everywhere.

According to the voice tech agency, Vaice:

20% of US Homes have voice assistant

10% of UK homes has a voice assistant

40% of US Adults search via voice

85% of brands are creating voice strategies

And with the sales of digital assistants projected to rise to 15.1 million by 2020, (according to the Consumer Electronics Association)voice will also become an essential part of omnichanel marketing strategy.


Retail marketers are now investing heavily in voice search

with 53% saying they are planning on investing in the next 12 months according to The CMO Performance Report 2018 

So it follows that voice search is replied to by voice answers, some of which will be by influencers, another sub set of the “Voices of Brand.” Every influencer has a different sound and represents a different demographic. Brands will manage those differences and the AI will pair the voice/influencer to the customer.

The advantages are clear, voices of brand are critical in more ways than one, and the evolution of voice is moving at such a rapid pace that those who jump on it first are bound to reap the most benefit in their vertical. But merely being on board isn’t enough. Understanding the computer human interface through voice is critical.

The evolution of the “voices of brand” is moving at an exponential pace. 

So lead, follow, or get out of the way.