The 3 Surprises of How People Watched the London Olympic Games [video]

Olympics on NBC

Latest numbers regarding NBC‘s coverage of the now most recent Summer Olympics: The number of devices authenticated by NBC during the two-week event hit roughly 10 million. In addition, NBC says 13.6 million hours of video was live streamed by pay-TV subscribers. The numbers were first reported by AllThingsD.

Additionally, in news that probably isn’t too surprising, my old friend, Alan Wurtzel, President/Research and Media Development for NBCUniversal said late last week that the company’s decision to make the programming available on multiple devices led to a significant increase in viewership among kids and teens. “Among all demographic groups, it was kids and teens that showed double digit gains in their viewing over Beijing,” he said in the video announcement.

What about you? How did you watch the Olympics and what devices did you use?



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