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The Daily Katz : Speed Racer! (But where is he going?)

Vidéos et photos Funny Cat

The Daily Katz – Katz looks like a hamster!

The Daily Katz – Because he’s a cat!

The Daily Katz – 19 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Most people think that this is still an open question, but these indisputable scientific facts clearly show that cats have the edge. #TeamCatposted 


1. Cats are better athletes.
Here is a standard picture of a dog attempting to catch an easy goal in ultimate frisbee.

The Daily Katz – Even the studs match!

The Daily Katz – Matthew Perry & Katz

The Daily Katz – Katz Photobomb!

The Daily Katz – Fan Mail!

Wow! I just luanched this feature and already got some kind words from an old friend!goes here

The Daily Katz – Pinata

The Daily Katz – All Hail Lennon!

Vidéos et photos Funny Cat
Thanks: Mike Urciolo

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