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Maria Bartiromo: ‘People Learn about Success not at the Peaks of their Lives but in the Valleys’


By Chris Ariens on Apr 01, 2010 02:33 PM

As Kevin and I were at the TVNewser party last night, guest blogger Nancy Lazarus headed up to Time Warner Center for a book event for Maria Bartiromo. Here’s Nancy’s report.

Bartiromo_4.1.jpgCNBC’s Maria Bartiromo discussed her new book “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success” as well as the highs and lows of her own career at an event hosted by Sobel Media in New York last night. Bartiromo was interviewed by Frank Radice, a former NBC executive now Expert in Residence at Definition6 agency.

“The reason I wrote the book was that I saw the tough times people were going through, losing their jobs,” says Bartiromo. “It was amazing watching people with boxes of belongings coming out of high rise buildings. So I thought to myself, how do you get to a place where you can get and keep success?” So Bartiromo interviewed everyone from Frances Ford Coppola to Joe Torre to Hank Greenberg. The pattern she found was that they learned more from the tough times they experienced.

Bartiromo attributes her own success to a number of factors, including her family and upbringing, hard work and taking risks, most notably her decision to leave CNN for a job at CNBC. She said, “I grew up at CNN, and they offered me a promotion, but it was not the job I wanted. I questioned why would I go to an unknown network, CNBC? I took a risk, knowing I’d miss CNN dearly. But I didn’t want to be a producer, I wanted to be on camera.”

Bartiromo also acknowledged memorable low points along the way. One such experience was the resistance she initially encountered as the first woman on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange when she was told “Run along and don’t come back here” by one of the executives.

A more recent misstep occurred when she was asked to fill in for Charlie Rose to host his show. She said, “The topic was the markets and the economy, but I did not prepare well. I thought I could wing it. But I was terrible and it was humbling when I watched the show later. Since then, every day I do a report card on myself. It won’t make me perfect but it will help. When I learn from something it won’t happen to me again.”

Bartiromo also offered her views of the financial situation, describing the last ten years as a ‘lost decade’ for the stock market. One of the lessons she learned from the latest financial crisis is “Be a contrarian, don’t believe the herds but ask questions. I’ve been doing that a lot more lately to make me a better reporter.”


Daytime Emmys: The show must go on


The cast and crew of ABC’s “General Hospital” accept the award for drama series at last year’s ceremony

By Randee Dawn

The Hollywood Reporter

Aug 27, 2009, 05:40 PM ET

More Emmy coverage

The saga of the Daytime Emmys sounds a lot like — well, a soap opera.

It starts with the tangled relationship between the Daytime Emmys and broadcasters. After years of dismal ratings for the telecast, last year’s show dropped 40% to a mere 5.4, and the Big Three networks announced a divorce. It was a breakup with the seismic resonance of a Luke and Laura split … and by the time NATAS president and chief marketing officer Frank Radice rode in to fix things in December, it was also embarrassing: The show had no home for 2009.

“We’re called the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,” he says. “I felt strongly the Daytime Emmy Awards needed to be on television.”

And as with a proper soap story, the months that followed featured last-minute rescues, hidden agendas and even a surprise plot twist. But the 36th annual Daytime Emmy Awards prevailed and airs Sunday on the CW.

Radio Time: On-Air Pro

Eric Norrell, Frank Radice, Ned Soltz, and Jessica Sitomer


HEADLINES: Telestream updates Wirecast, workflow automation with On-Air Pro, Ned Soltz picks the right audio gear for your edit suite, and Jessica Sitomer helps us keep up with technology. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!


This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio program covering Digital Production, Post-Production and Distribution is filled with information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.


Click to listen to the current show:






NBC’S Frank Radice to keynote Promax Arabia’s Media, Advertising & Marketing Watch Team (22 March 2005 1:00 pm) MUMBAI: Promax & BDA EMEA has announced that Frank Radice will deliver the keynote address on News Promotion at the first ever PROMAX&BDA Arabia conference.The event will take place 3-4 May 2005 at the Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai.Radice has created award winning promotional campaigns for such marquee programs as NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Today Show with Katie Couric, and Dateline NBC,As Senior Vice President of the NBC Agency in New York, which handles all promotional campaigns for the Peacock network, Radice’s session will focus on promoting news during times of crisis. Having engineered the promotion campaign behind the transition of Brian Williams as the host of NBC Nightly News, replacing Tom Brokaw, Radice will also discuss the importance of the persona of news anchors, says a company release.”Our members spend a lot of time promoting news programming, especially during the challenging times we live in today. Frank Radice is more than qualified to address the issues they are facing and we are thrilled to have him headlining this important discussion,” said senior VP and MD of PROMAX&BDA EMEA Carmen Alzner in making the announcement.”While the world is at war, promoting news stories about combat and the military can be difficult but if done correctly, you can communicate your message in a compelling, audience-captivating way”

New York cab riders will soon be able to watch a mix of news, weather, sports and entertainment as they endure Big Apple traffic.

San Antonio Business Journal

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Through a content-sharing agreement between Clear Channel Taxi Media and NBC Universal, some 5,000 taxis will air NY10, New York’s Taxi Entertainment Network. The channel will air exclusive content from WNBC, NBC News and NBC Entertainment.

It will roll out during the first half of 2007 as part of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s recent announcement to install passenger information monitors in New York cabs.

To Promote a Cable Network, a Plan to Inundate the Internet

New York Times


Published: December 12, 2005

The MSNBC cable network plans to flood the Internet this week with its largest concentrated online pitch, running advertising on hundreds of Web sites and blogs. The cost of the campaign, to promote three prime-time programs, is estimated at just under $1 million.

MSNBC, owned by Microsoft and the NBC Universal division of General Electric, will promote the shows – with their hosts, Keith Olbermann, Rita Cosby and Joe Scarborough – in ads that are to start appearing tomorrow and continue all day Wednesday. Some ads will promote segments on the shows about life online, like how marketers sponsor “viral” video clips that consumers can forward to each other.

The Wire Q&A: Ted Koppel Remembers the Iran Hostage Crisis

On November 03, 2009 at 1:17 PM

koppel nightline.jpgTed Koppel was ABC’s State Department correspondent when he got a call on Sunday, November 4th, 1979 asking him to come into the studio to report on a developing story in Tehran. Hundreds of radical students had seized the U.S. Embassy denouncing it a “nest of spies” and holding its staff hostage. Koppel was certain the situation would be dispelled quickly, but as the days went on it soon became clear that there would be no speedy resolution and ABC saw an opportunity in the public’s appetite for the story. In response the network created a dedicated nightly program to cover the crisis—Nightline: America Held Hostage—which would eventually become Nightline. GQ’s Sarah Goldstein interviewed Koppel for our oral history of the crisis. Here he talks about media coverage of the crisis and how a story he didn’t want changed his life.

American Profile adds NBC television guide: The Peacock Monitor Staff Reports

CEDAR CREEK LAKE–The very popular American Profile found inside this issue of The Monitor features a brand new eight-page section covering entertainment news and television personalities.
The Peacock, a product of NBC News, will give a colorful and informative “insider’s” view of the television news programs you love to watch.
Publishing Group of America, through its alliance with the NBC network, is proud to bring added value and interest to your newspaper reading.
After this initial offering of The Peacock, you will find it in your American Profile on the first Sunday of every month.
The Monitor brings you American Profile every Sunday.

“The Peacock” was developed by NBC EVP Frank Radice

NBC: An ‘Infront’ Offers Sell-Through Opportunities

Executive Quote and Information Service : EQUISMay 19, 2008

NBC gets an A for effort this year. The fourth-place network unveiled its 2008-2009 schedule to advertisers in early April, dubbing the event an “infront” and stressing “connection”–with viewers and advertisers.

Back then, advertisers welcomed NBC’s early sales pitch, and were specifically heartened by a renewed commitment to an 8 p.m. family hour and the network’s inherently collaborative approach.

Band From TV

Posted: Friday, March 16, 2007 5:48 PM by Jaclyn Levin

(From Lester Holt, TODAY Anchor)

I never take for granted that I get paid to do something I am passionate about: Being a reporter. And so a rare offer to combine that with one of my other passions – music – was beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m just back from a weekend in Hollywood where I had the privilege of joining some other amateur musicians, who also make their livings on TV, to record at the historic Capitol Records studios.

I have played the electric and standup bass since Junior High School, and while I occasionally sit-in at New York City jazz clubs, have never played professionally. Hugh Laurie, star of FOX’s “House,” sings and is an accomplished pianist. Greg Grunberg, who plays the mind-reading cop on NBC’s “Heroes,” also plays a mean set of drums. Bob Guiney, of ABC’s “The View,” and “The Bachelor,” also happens to be an experienced singer. Along with James Denton of “Desperate Housewives,” Bonnie Somerville, formerly of “Kitchen Confidential,” and several other talented musicians they form a group known as “Band from TV.” Grunberg, who is as positive and enthusiastic a guy as you’ll ever meet, formed the band for all the right reasons: To raise money for important causes like pediatric epilepsy research, and to have fun. Today they play various venues around Southern California with all the proceeds going to charity.

The group had never recorded together until they gathered at Capitol Records on a recent Saturday morning to do a couple of songs for the “House” soundtrack CD. Their regular bassist, former child actor Brad Savage was out of town, and the folks at Universal who produce “House,” suggested me as a possible replacement. And so there I was in Capitol’s historic Studio B about to record music with this multi-talented-roster of TV stars and musicians with whom I had never played a single note.

And as if that wasn’t enough pressure, did I mention who was producing this recording session? None other than multi Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster. When he found out the proceeds were going to charity, David gladly cancelled his weekend plans and agreed to help turn us into recording artists.

Turns out in addition to being a terrific actor and musician, Hugh Laurie is also a heck of a musical arranger. We did his funk rendition of “Minnie the Moocher,” along with a reggae-inspired version of “Can’t Always Get what you Want.” But it was David Foster who performed sheer magic on the tunes, working with us as a group, and then one on one to find just the right sound. I laid down bass part after bass part, incorporating Foster’s various suggestions. Then, using an amazing piece of computer software, he combined my best notes and “licks” into a solid bass line. He did the same thing with every instrument and vocal part, and explained it was “no different than what has done for every other artists he has produced,” from Celine Dion, to “Earth, Wind and Fire.” We all ended the weekend agreeing his amazing ear made us all better musicians than we were when we walked in the door.


The “House” soundtrack will be released sometime this summer, and you can then judge for yourself whether we’re better off keeping our “day jobs.” WATCH THE VIDEO OF OUR SESSION. It was an experience I won’t soon forget. I made some great new friends. Some you know from TV, some you don’t. But all of them are blessed with big hearts and raw talent, whose music will always leave you on just the right note.


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