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TODAY Show 1994: What is this Internet Thing? [video]


Remember the first time you learned about the Internet? Hopefully it didn’t take place while you were on live TV.TODAY Show 1994: What is this Internet Thing?

This past weekend, a friend of mine sent me this 1994 clip of the then TODAY Show team of Katie Couric, Bryant Gumble and Elizabeth Vargas talking about this new “Internet” thing and a weird “@” symbol. It’s incredible to watch. In the clip, Katie and Bryant debate weather or not the “@” stands for “about” or “at”? Hell, even the graphics department got it wrong. At around the 0:40 second mark in the video, a graphic showing an email address just has a circle with an (a) inside. Oops! I’m not sure if this clip was shown live on the air or during a brief show break known as a “co-op” that only a handful of satellite subscribers got to see.

Since this weekend, the clip has generated almost 1M views on YouTube and even made it on to the TODAY Show this morning.

What a fascinating look at the beginning of an upcoming revolution.


Former marketing executive for the TODAY Show

The Last Laugh with Richard Belzer & P.J. O’Rourke [video]

“The Last Laugh” is the Pilot I created with my team from “Showbiz Tonight.” It was intended as a CNN Comedy News show with P.J. O’Rourke and Richard Belzer (and featuring Will Durst , Bill Tush and Rick Derringer and the Last Laugh Band). Shot in the Mid 80’s at Carolines Comedy Club at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. It was rejected by the network because “we don’t do comedy!”

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Definition 6: Content. Context. Conversation – The Ultimate Kingdom – Frank Radice

Frank Radice
Frank Radice — Click on the photo read Defining Insights’ archives.

Published: March 24, 2011 at 06:23 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 24, 2011 at 06:23 PM GMT

By Frank Radice

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is king.”

On recent panels that I have participated in, this expression is constantly thrown around in different instances to describe how that person views the relationship between good content, and how that relates to the marketing success of a brand or branded entertainment.

The Daily Katz – Krazy Night Out

The Daily Katz – Tastes so good…

…KATZ Ask for it by NAME!

The Daily Katz – McGrumpy

Caption please!

The Daily Katz – Simon’s Cat in the Snow!

I’m Just Sayin’ “TV Everywhere, I’m So Over It!”

I take exception to the term “TV Everywhere,” and no more so than when it comes to News.
No doubt television news is finding, and effectively utilizing multiple screens (2nd and even 3d screen applications) but in the case of news it’s just as important to distribute content everywhere in “every” way!
A news organization, to be truly global, (management will say) must have a “TV everywhere” strategy to survive today, but a I say a “content everywhere” strategy is essential for success.
Radio (terrestrial and satellite), print (newspapers and magazines), on-line services like aggregators; point of purchase and out of home distribution outlets  (Airplanes and taxi cabs), PR, news releases by companies like Synaptic Digital; entrepreneurial distribution techniques such as the Red Touch Media download stations, and even gaming; and most assuredly social media (from Twitter to Vine, Facebook and even FourSquare).
These are just some of the ways to accomplish extending the reach and frequency of message (in this case, the news.)
Expertly using all of these tools in the toolbox (and the ones I haven’t mentioned because its early in the morning as I write this and I can’t remember everything) is the only way information distribution can function in the new age.
And while this isn’t a wholly new concept, it is one to ponder as everyone talks about “TV Everywhere.”
Millennials are moving faster and faster and consuming far more content and data that their predecessors, if for no other reason that  they are surrounded by more distribution devices than ever before.
And that’s way more than “TV” Everywhere. (Maybe “Screens Everywhere” is more accurate, but that still doesn’t cover all the bases.)
All  this assumes by the way that the news is being vetted by people who can vouch for the fairness, accuracy and context of the content.
Oh yes, one very important final thought…if the content sucks, none if this matters.
I’m just Sayin’
Everywhere you go…there you are
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The Daily Katz – I bet he does!

The Daily Katz – Identity Theft!

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