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American Profile adds NBC television guide: The Peacock Monitor Staff Reports

CEDAR CREEK LAKE–The very popular American Profile found inside this issue of The Monitor features a brand new eight-page section covering entertainment news and television personalities.
The Peacock, a product of NBC News, will give a colorful and informative “insider’s” view of the television news programs you love to watch.
Publishing Group of America, through its alliance with the NBC network, is proud to bring added value and interest to your newspaper reading.
After this initial offering of The Peacock, you will find it in your American Profile on the first Sunday of every month.
The Monitor brings you American Profile every Sunday.

“The Peacock” was developed by NBC EVP Frank Radice

The 3 Surprises of How People Watched the London Olympic Games [video]

Olympics on NBC

Latest numbers regarding NBC‘s coverage of the now most recent Summer Olympics: The number of devices authenticated by NBC during the two-week event hit roughly 10 million. In addition, NBC says 13.6 million hours of video was live streamed by pay-TV subscribers. The numbers were first reported by AllThingsD.

Additionally, in news that probably isn’t too surprising, my old friend, Alan Wurtzel, President/Research and Media Development for NBCUniversal said late last week that the company’s decision to make the programming available on multiple devices led to a significant increase in viewership among kids and teens. “Among all demographic groups, it was kids and teens that showed double digit gains in their viewing over Beijing,” he said in the video announcement.

What about you? How did you watch the Olympics and what devices did you use?



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The Daily Katz – The Lions Tail

The Daily Katz – Vulcan Mind Meld: Courtesy, George Takei


So, you’ve been downsized or made redundant. But you’re certainly not ready to throw in the towel.

You’ve been paid lots of money over the years by some big company where you learned and refined the exact skills they needed you to have in order to make their business work.

Now it’s your turn to do it for yourself. But where do you start? You’ve always had the company to give you business cards, cell phones, laptops, desktops, probably an office or a cubicle, and maybe an assistant and an expense account.

Now it’s all gone!

But it’s really not if you know what to do.

The most important thing to remember is…Your Name is your Brand!

Your skills are still there and your experience has taught you how to hone them.

Here are 5 practical starting points to get your personal brand going.

What a way to start the new year!

NBC: An ‘Infront’ Offers Sell-Through Opportunities

Executive Quote and Information Service : EQUISMay 19, 2008

NBC gets an A for effort this year. The fourth-place network unveiled its 2008-2009 schedule to advertisers in early April, dubbing the event an “infront” and stressing “connection”–with viewers and advertisers.

Back then, advertisers welcomed NBC’s early sales pitch, and were specifically heartened by a renewed commitment to an 8 p.m. family hour and the network’s inherently collaborative approach.

The Daily Katz – With no interwebz, Frank had to poke his friends manually!

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Last Call with Carson Daly promo featuring No Doubt [video]

When “Last Call with Carson Daly” premiered on NBC Latenight, I executive produced a series of spots directed by Joe Chapura. This one featured the band “No Doubt” stuffed in an elevator at 30 Rock!

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SkyDiving Katz

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