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ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE: THE CRISIS GAME: Thanks to the Paley Center for Media for preparing this summary

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Edmund Muskie, 64th Governor of Maine, 58th U....

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One in this series of nightly news programs. The second of four installments about the way an American president and his senior advisors act in a crisis situation. The roles of the president and his staff are played by the following people, all of whom have real-life experience in this field: Edmund Muskie, secretary of state under President Jimmy Carter; William Hyland, deputy national security advisor to President Gerald R. Ford; Winston Lord, currently president of the Council on Foreign Relations; James Schlesinger, secretary of defense and CIA director during the Nixon administration; Antonia Chayes, undersecretary of the Air Force during the Carter administration; General Edward Meyer, former chief of staff of the U.S. Army; Hodding Carter, assistant secretary of state during the Carter administration; Richard Pipes, senior National Security Council advisor on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the Reagan administration; Richard Holbrooke, assistant secretary of state during the Carter administration; and Clark Clifford, secretary of defense during the Johnson administration and advisor to Presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. As the program begins, correspondent Rick Inderfurth reviews the events that occurred during the first twenty-four hours of the game, and explains that this crisis group meeting is taking place two weeks later.

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